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Librarians hold academic rank pursuant to the University of Houston Librarian’s Bylaws Document. They are expected to develop a record of service, scholarship, and professional involvement. UH Libraries supports the ongoing professional development of librarians and our goal is to recruit librarians committed to continuous learning.

Mission & Values

University of Houston Libraries advances student success, knowledge creation and preservation, and globally competitive research.


We are intentional about communicating externally and internally about the value of our services, resources, and expertise that we offer to library users.

Continual Improvement

We engage in systematic assessment to improve processes, services, and programs.

Curiosity & Experimentation

We support experimentation, innovation, and development of new ideas, programs, services, tools, and technologies that spur excellence within the libraries and for the UH community.

Diversity & Inclusion

We respect all aspects of diversity and create an inclusive virtual and physical environment, for all learners, researchers, and library staff. We are responsive in providing spaces, services, programs, and resources that promote and value diversity.

Excellence in Collections

We build collections of national prominence that align with the research and teaching priorities of the University. We engage diverse audiences and provide seamless discovery of and access to these collections.

Partnerships & Collaboration

We leverage the power of partnerships and collaboration to enrich services locally and expand our impact globally. We improve outcomes through internal and external collaborations, including the local community, the UH system, and professional alliances.

Service Excellence

We are user-centered and work assiduously to create a high-quality user experience. We are deliberative in our interactions with users, anticipate their changing needs, and provide services that are targeted, empowering, innovative, and inclusive.

Staff Excellence

We cultivate a diverse, stimulating, and supportive work environment that attracts the very best in library talent, and encourages librarians and staff at every level to continuously develop and expand their knowledge and expertise.


Under the leadership of the Dean of Libraries, the libraries employs over 69 professionals and 135 support staff. The UH Libraries was founded in 1927 and comprises the M.D. Anderson Library, William R. Jenkins Architecture, Design, and Art Library, Health Sciences Library, and Music Library. Overall, the campus libraries provide access to over 3.1 million volumes.

organizational structure chart of departments and units

Strategic Plan


Houston, the fourth largest city in America, is an intellectual hub with 19 world class museums, a thriving performing arts scene, and is the most dynamic food city in the United States all while offering no local and state income tax as well as a low cost of living.

image of the state of Texas with small star marking the location of Houston

4th largest city in the country

image of a museum building

19 World Class Museums

image of drama masks

Thriving performing arts scene

image of a dinner plate

Most dynamic food city in the country

image of a piggy bank

No state or local income tax


For Librarians:

  • Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.
  • Go to UH Central Careers
  • Click on “Faculty and Librarians”

For Staff:

For Students:

  • The University Libraries use a broadly participatory model for librarian recruitment and selection.
  • The key element in the selection process is the search committee. It provides for a broad range of opinion and objective consideration of applicants’ qualifications, as well as participation by interested constituencies within the Library and the UH community.
  • Finalists identified by the search committee are invited for an in person interview, which provides candidates with the opportunity to meet and interact with a variety of library staff and gives the candidate a clearer view of the institution.
  • Librarian appointments are made by the Dean of the Libraries, based on the recommendations of the search committee, the supervisor of the position, and the appropriate Associate Dean.
  • These appointments are subject to approval by the Provost.

Potential applicants seeking further information should contact Christina Gola, Director of Recruitment and Organizational Learning, at 713-743-9761 or chgola@uh.edu.

While the search committee specifies the particular process for each individual search, a typical in-person interview will consist of:

  • Dinner the night before the interview
  • An open forum that may or may not include a candidate presentation
  • Breakfast and Lunch with library staff
  • Meetings throughout the day with administration, potential colleagues, and the search committee.

For Librarians:

  • The library does its best to keep applicants informed of the stages as the hiring process moves forward. Please contact Christina Gola, chgola@uh.edu, with additional questions

For Staff:

The University of Houston campus comprises 13 colleges and schools offering close to 80 degree programs with an enrollment exceeding 40,000 students, 7,200 of whom are enrolled in graduate studies. Reflecting the multicultural community of metropolitan Houston, UH is one of the most ethnically diverse research university campuses in the nation.

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