Commitment to Diversity

Plan for Advancing Diversity & Inclusion

The University of Houston (UH) Libraries is an integral part of one of the most diverse public research universities in the country. In the UH Libraries’ Strategic Plan 2017-2021, we state that we

“respect all aspects of diversity and create an inclusive virtual and physical environment, for all learners, researchers, and library staff.”

In support of this value, the UH Libraries dean established the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CoDI), which created the University of Houston Libraries Plan for Advancing Diversity & Inclusion.

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two women talking
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Goals for Advancing Diversity and Inclusion

Foster Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion through Dialogue and Learning


  • Raise awareness about the value of D&I
  • Promote events and opportunities designed to increase D&I competencies
  • Offer multiple avenues for dialogue and learning to cultivate sharing of diverse perspectives
  • Work to eliminate barriers to engaging openly in dialogue and learning
  • Integrate knowledge learned about D&I into the practices and norms of the organizational culture

Reflect Diversity and Inclusion through our Recruitment and Retention Practices


  • Articulate our commitment to D&I externally
  • Develop programs and partnerships that increase D&I
  • Promote leadership development for both librarians and staff
  • Create an inclusive environment that attracts and retains employees

Remove Access Barriers to Services, Resources, and Spaces


  • Ensure that equity of facilities is an integral part of planning for the renovation and creation of library spaces
  • Promote diversity of existing print, electronic, and special collections through virtual and physical methods
  • Advocate for the diverse needs of our users in the development of and access to collections and research tools
  • Be mindful of visible and hidden identities in the creation and delivery of services
  • Support ongoing initiatives to ensure an accessible web presence
Diversity banner hanging from the second floor balcony in the MD Anderson Library