Dean’s Introduction

It’s been a dynamic four years since I joined University of Houston Libraries as Dean and Elizabeth D. Rockwell Chair. I am so pleased to be a member of the UH family, and it has been wonderful to see the Libraries flourishing as the campus hub for creativity and knowledge. I am grateful to my talented and collaborative colleagues, within the Libraries and across the University, and to President Khator and Provost Short, our extraordinary leaders, who support the Libraries’ mission to advance student success, knowledge creation and preservation, and globally competitive research.

Portrait of Dean Lisa German

We have focused our efforts on four major areas: research productivity, collections, student success, and transformative spaces, and we have made significant strides in all of them. This report will feature key achievements for FY2018. As we press onward, forward, and upward, we will continue the integration of services, collections, and spaces designed to meet the evolving needs of our vast community of the Libraries’ users. One of the pure joys in my role as Dean is to have the opportunity to listen to, speak with, and learn from all who use our libraries.

We listen, respond, and take action in our drive for excellence.

Looking ahead, the theme is transform. UH Libraries has the potential to transform student lives, and to contribute to the success of the University’s research enterprise. We have the ability, and responsibility, to be the best Libraries that this great university deserves and to be a part of the global research library community. I’m pleased with the progress we have made, and we have so much more to do! As a cornerstone of the University of Houston, the UH Libraries is excited to be a part of UH’s upward trajectory.

Lisa A. German

Dean of UH Libraries and
Elizabeth D. Rockwell Chair

Signature of Dean Lisa German