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The Digital Research Commons

The Digital Research Commons

The Digital Research Commons (DRC) opened as a dedicated space within UH Libraries for the UH community to engage in digital research. Faculty and students receive hands-on instruction, attend workshops and talks, and use cutting-edge tools to answer research questions.

The DRC serves as an incubator for the dynamic and vibrant intellectual community at UH, fostering projects involving digital techniques across the humanities, social sciences, and experimental sciences, and connecting scholars from diverse fields of inquiry. In its first year, the DRC sponsored ten projects with logistical, intellectual, and modest financial support, with the goal of producing plans, prototypes, or proofs of concept for long-term digital research.

Digital Research Commons talk led by Claude Willan
Digital Research Commons podcast studio
Digital Research Commons talk about data

Cougar ROAR logo

Cougar ROAR

University of Houston Libraries implemented Cougar Research Open Access Repositories (ROAR), home of the University’s Institutional Repository and UH Dataverse. ROAR provides safe, long-term storage for data and scholarship produced by the UH community and makes these materials widely available to researchers around the world.