Media guidelines

Using images

All images will be added to pages by Web Services. Contact the content coordinator to suggest additional decorative images. Do not embed superfluous decoration to a page.

There are certain restrictions to image use:

  • The image must be decorative according to the Libraries’ brand and/or illustrate a concept that is better explained visually than with text, e.g., a library map
  • Images must be an accessible file size. Image 1MB or larger need to be reduced
  • Images must have alt text that describes the information within them. For an informative image, briefly describe the central point of the image for users with screenreaders or who do not load images. Read WebAIM’s guide on alt text for more information

In place of embedding images, links to images, image galleries, or albums on an external site, e.g., Facebook, are acceptable.

Using screenshots

It is recommended to contact the content coordinator before adding screenshots to a page.

Any screenshots used must be kept up to date – this is the responsibility of the content author. Screenshots only show relevant information, i.e. they do not show Web browsers or operating systems. Keep personal information out of screenshots.

Using videos

Informational or contextual videos will be added by Web Services. Contact the content coordinator to suggest additional videos. Do not embed superfluous videos to a page.

Links to official UH or UH Libraries videos on YouTube are acceptable.

Using other media

Always write content from a PDF into the web page instead where possible. Writing content into a web page is generally encouraged over linking to a separate file, e.g., PDF, Word documents, etc.

When there must be a link to a file, put the file type and document size in parenthesis.

Incorrect ✗ Fill out the request form and return it.
Correct ✓ Fill out the request form (pdf, 11kb) and return it.

Graphics, logos, and colors

This guide defers to the official UH Style Guidelines for graphics, logos, colors, etc., unless noted otherwise.

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