What Do I Submit?

  1. Exhibition Agreement & Waiver Form
  2. Fill out the Exhibition Agreement & Waiver Form (pdf, 126 kB). Read carefully. Fill the boxes. Save everything.

  3. Artist’s Statement
  4. Artists are required to submit a statement to deepen our understanding of their work. The suggested length for an artist’s statement is between 100-200 words.

    How Do I Create an Artist’s Statement?

  5. Digital Images
  6. Format images as a JPG, TIF or PDF. Label images with your last name + title. example: smith_theblackcat

  7. Artwork Description Form
  8. Fill out the Artwork Description Form (pdf, 73 kB). Provide details for each piece. Save everything.

  9. Biography
  10. You are highly encouraged to provide a brief bio, don’t forget to send us a copy!