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  • Locating sources and databases in a given field
  • Consultations on specialized parts of the research process
  • Using available technology and unique materials for your research
Subject Expert
Accounting Orolando Duffus (email)
Africana Studies Andrea Malone (email)
Anthropology Kerry Creelman (email)
Architecture Catherine Essinger (email)
Architecture & Planning Collection Vince Lee (email)
Art Catherine Essinger (email)
Asian Studies Andrea Malone (email)
Biology & Biochemistry Erica Lopez (email)
Business Orolando Duffus (email)
Chemistry Erica Lopez (email)
Communication Sciences & Disorders Stefanie Lapka (email)
Communications Emma Fontenot (email)
Computer Science Mea Warren (email)
Contemporary Literature Collection Christian Kelleher (email)
Data analysis  Emma Fontenot (email)
Wenli Gao (email)
Erica Lopez (email)
Reid Boehm (email)
Claude Willan (email)
Taylor Davis-Van Atta (email)
Andrea Malone (email)
Data collection  Wenli Gao (email)
Claude Willan (email)
Reid Boehm (email)
Data management Reid Boehm (email)
Data sharing, archiving, and preservation Reid Boehm (email)
Santi Thompson (email)
Data visualization  Wenli Gao (email)
Andrea Malone (email)
Taylor Davis-Van Atta (email)
Claude Willan (email)
Data wrangling and manipulation  Reid Boehm (email)
Claude Willan (email)
Wenli Gao (email)
Taylor Davis-Van Atta (email)
Decision & Information Science Orolando Duffus (email)
Digital Archives & Digitization Bethany Scott (email)
Earth & Atmospheric Sciences Mea Warren (email)
Economics Emma Fontenot (email)
Education Shawn Vaillancourt (email)
Energy & Sustainability Collection Christian Kelleher (email)
Engineering Edward Gloor (email)
English Emily Deal (email)
Finance Orolando Duffus (email)
Finding data Wenli Gao (email)
Claude Willan (email)
Your subject librarian
Government Information Kerry Creelman (email)
Health & Human Performance Rachel Helbing (email)
Hispanic Collections Christian Kelleher (email)
Hispanic Studies Andrea Malone (email)
History Kerry Creelman (email)
Hotel & Restaurant Management Orolando Duffus (email)
Houston & Texas History Collection Vince Lee (email)
Houston Hip Hop Collection Julie Grob (email)
Houston History Archives Christian Kelleher (email)
Human Development & Consumer Sciences Orolando Duffus (email)
Industrial Design Catherine Essinger (email)
KUHT Collection Emily Vinson (email)
LGBT History Collection Vince Lee (email)
Management Orolando Duffus (email)
Marketing & Entrepreneurship Orolando Duffus (email)
Mathematics Mea Warren (email)
Medicine Ana Corral (email)
Modern and Classical Languages & Literatures Andrea Malone (email)
Music Madelyn Washington (email)
Nursing Stefanie Lapka (email)
Nutrition Rachel Helbing (email)
Optometry Rachel Helbing (email)
Performing & Visual Arts Collection Mary Manning (email)
Pharmacy Rachel Helbing (email)
Philosophy Kerry Creelman (email)
Physics Mea Warren (email)
Political Science Emma Fontenot (email)
Psychology Kerry Creelman (email)
Rare Books Collections Julie Grob (email)
Research assignments  Your subject librarian
Researcher impact metrics Wenli Gao (email)
Andrea Malone (email)
Your subject librarian
Researcher profiles Wenli Gao (email)
Andrea Malone (email)
Your subject librarian
Religious Studies Kerry Creelman (email)
Scholarly publishing: Rights management Taylor Davis-Van Atta (email)
Scholarly publishing: Open access Taylor Davis-Van Atta (email)
Social Work Stefanie Lapka (email)
Sociology Emma Fontenot (email)
Technology – Biotechnology Edward Gloor (email)
Technology – Computer Information Systems Orolando Duffus (email)
Technology – Construction Management Edward Gloor (email)
Technology – Digital Media Orolando Duffus (email)
Technology – Electrical Power Engineering Tech (ELET) Edward Gloor (email)
Technology – Human Resources Development Orolando Duffus (email)
Technology – Mechanical Engineering Tech Edward Gloor (email)
Technology – Organizational Leadership and Supervision (TELS) Orolando Duffus (email)
Technology – Retailing and Consumer Sciences Orolando Duffus (email)
Technology – Supply Chain and Logistics Orolando Duffus (email)
Theater & Dance Madelyn Washington (email)
UH institutional repository Taylor Davis-Van Atta (email)
UH data repository Reid Boehm (email)
University Archives Mary Manning (email)
USS Houston & Military History Collection Christian Kelleher (email)
Women’s Collection Vince Lee (email)
Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies Kerry Creelman (email)