Information Literacy Lessons

Interactive lessons to teach information literacy concepts and research skills.

There is a direct link and zip folder for each lesson.

  • The viewing link can be added to Blackboard or any teaching tool
  • The zip folder can add the lesson to a Blackboard course, which allows you to track students’ completion

All lessons have a completion screen that can be printed or screen-captured for proof-of-completion. Lessons include video, audio, images, text, online/offline activities.

Research question development

How to turn an interesting topic into a solid research question for a paper, project, or presentation. Undergraduate-level, but usable at all levels.

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Search terms and strategies

Developing search terms and strategies to create effective searches for finding sources. All components of this lesson must be completed in order.

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Evaluating information sources

How to evaluate information based on its appropriateness to an information need, whether for a real-life scenario or an academic project.

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Incorporating sources

Different ways to incorporate sources into assignments, including quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing, as well as the importance of citing sources used.

This lesson also requires that students have an article, either one they’ve chosen or one assigned by the instructor, to practice paraphrasing and summarizing. 

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