Architecture, Design, & Art Library Course Reserves

For Faculty

Placing Items on Reserve

To place items on reserves, email your syllabus or list of titles with the course name and number to

  • Physical items placed on reserve will be available to students on the lower level of the Architecture, Design, and Art Library by the scanners.
  • If a DVD is placed on reserve, we have external DVD drives available for students to use in the library.
  • A permalink will be sent out for titles that are only available as E-Books, which can be embedded into your syllabus for students to access.
  • E-reserves and scans are accessed via Canvas or Teams. TA access must be granted if you prefer to have the scans uploaded for you.
  • How to add a TA to your Canvas course

Purchase Request

If there is a book you would like for reserves that is not available at our library or other libraries on campus (Central campus only), a purchase request can be made for the item.

  • Please note: purchases take around 1-2 months to be processed and delivered.
  • Email the title, author, year/volume/issue (if applicable), and book link to

For Students

How to locate reserves

  • Physical items placed on reserves are located on the lower level of the Architecture, Design, and Art Library by the scanners.
  • E-Books are accessed through our library catalog or through the permalinks found in your syllabus.
  • Scans and e-reserves are located on Teams or Canvas depending on which system is used by your professor.
  • A hardcopy list of the reserves for each course is located at the front desk.
    • Please note: physical reserves are for in-library use only.
    • Scanners are available if you would like to scan an article or chapter from a reserve book.
    • If a DVD is placed on reserves, the library has external DVD drives available to check out.

How to Read Call Numbers

  • Reserves are organized by call number (Ex: NA250 B34 2006)
  • Call numbers are in alpha-numeric order (A-Z, 1-1000)

Reserves Video