Classes in Special Collections

Special Collections works with faculty to hold classes that develop the primary source literacy skills of their students.

Class format

Our librarians and archivists are available to help you choose materials, plan assignments, and teach classes:

  • We will work directly with you on your class and assignment(s)
  • We may connect you to specialized librarians or archivists depending on your needs
  • We can provide hands-on activities and support for research projects that use primary sources
  • For deeper student engagement, consider multiple class sessions or out-of-class assignments.

A librarian or archivist needs to be present during the display of any of the following:

  • Medieval manuscripts
  • Early printed books
  • Archival collections

If you have already taught in Special Collections and plan to use only 19th to 21st century books, your class can be taught solo. We will provide handling guidelines to give to your students.

Our classroom space

A view of the Evans Room. There are Special Collections materials in the front of the room and chairs for about 35 students.
The instructor laptop and document camera at the front of the Evans Room.

The Evans Training Room can hold about 35 students. It includes:

  • Instructor laptop
  • Digital projector and screen
  • Document camera to project materials onto the screen

If your class is larger than 35 students, we can come to your classroom and teach using online finding aids, digital collections, or select collection materials.

Schedule a class

To schedule a course, contact:

Julie Grob
Coordinator for Instruction, Special Collections

Alternatively, complete the form below to get started.

While we make every effort to accommodate all, note that availability of the Evans Room is best at the start of each semester.