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OER Adoptions on Follett Discover

The deadline for submitting Spring 2021 course material adoptions has been extended to Tuesday, November 17. Instructors who use open educational resources (OER) as course materials can submit their adoptions using Follett Discover. 

Submitting timely adoptions of OER materials lets students know which courses do not have textbook costs, allowing them to make informed course registration decisions, and maintains the university’s compliance with state and federal regulations. 

Submitting OER Adoptions

Access Follett Discover from your AccessUH account. 

  • Option 1 (PREFERRED). Link to or upload your OER material. In Follett Discover, select your course title and go to “Add My Content.” 
  • Option 2. Select “Only OER material is being used for this course,” displayed on your course title card. This option is useful when adopting multiple OER resources that are cumbersome to enter individually. If you are adopting OER and a traditional textbook, do not select this link, as it will prevent the textbook from being added. 

We encourage you to share this information with your colleagues. For further assistance with Follett Discover, refer to Faculty Textbook Adoption

For more information about OER, visit UH Libraries Open Educational Resources

Written by Esmeralda Fisher on November 13th, 2020 and filed under Announcements, Featured