Expanding Collections Through Partnerships

University of Houston Libraries has regional and national partnerships to expand collections and services for faculty and students; and belongs to multiple consortia. Common in the academic library world, consortia memberships provide access to cost-effective cooperative purchases of licensed resources as well as expedited resource sharing.

logos of partners and collaborators

The Libraries’ collections are key to the University’s national competitiveness and embody the intellectual identities and research ambitions of our campus communities. New technologies continue to revolutionize information discovery, creation, and preservation. As a result, we are changing the way we acquire and make collections available to students and researchers, locally and globally. In order to propel the University to national prominence, sustain student learning, and foster the creation of new knowledge, we fashion collections that reflect the teaching and research priorities of the University and attract top faculty and scholars.

UH Libraries is proud to partner with organizations to assure the quality and relevance of collections for campus and global communities.

One such collaboration is with HathiTrust, which recently celebrated its ten-year anniversary. HathiTrust is a “partnership of academic and research institutions, offering a collection of millions of titles digitized from libraries around the world.” UH Libraries is part of its Shared Print Program Phase 2. Under the program, HathiTrust member libraries commit to retain and share print copies (corresponding to 16 million digital titles made accessible by HathiTrust Digital Library) for 25 years. The HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC) enables computational analysis of the HathiTrust corpus. The HTRC is breaking new ground in the area of text mining.

UH Libraries is also a member of Coalition for Networked Information (CNI), which provides insight into trends and efforts in the advancement of scholarship through innovative application of information technology.

Center for Research Libraries (CRL) is an international consortium of research libraries, making rare primary source materials in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences available to scholars.

Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) is a global coalition committed to making Open the default for research and education. SPARC advocates for the adoption of policies and practices that advance Open Access, Open Data, and Open Education.

Visit libraries.uh.edu/about/memberships for a full list of UH Libraries’ memberships and consortia.