Professional and Scholarly Spotlight

Reid Boehm was one of 15 international information professionals who received a National Information Standards Organization (NISO) Plus 2021 scholarship.

Boehm and Taylor Davis-Van Atta presented “Agile Skunks: Interdisciplinary collaboration in support of digital research outputs” at Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Digital Scholarship Section, Open Research Discussion Group Midwinter Meeting, Virtual Conference.

Boehm was part of a national group that updated the SPARC Data Sharing Policy Resource and co-presented on this with J. Petters at the Research Data Access and Preservation (RDAP) Association 2021 Summit.

Kerry Creelman, Veronica Arellano Douglas, Andrea Malone, and Lisa Martin co-wrote “Cultivating liaison leadership: Unblocking the pipeline to management” which appeared in New Approaches to Liaison Librarianship: Innovations in Organization and Development.

Taylor Davis-Van Atta was appointed to a two-year term as chair of the ACRL Digital Scholarship Section Professional Development Committee, and a two-year term on the ACRL Digital Scholarship Section Advisory Committee.

Veronica Arellano Douglas, Andrea Malone, and Lisa Martin co-presented “You’re going through that, too? Cultivating a community of practice for new supervisors” at Conference on Academic Library Management.

Douglas was named to the editorial board of portal: Libraries and the Academy published by Johns Hopkins Univ. Press.

Douglas co-edited a book, Deconstructing Service in Libraries: Intersections of Identities and Expectations, with J. Gadsby.

Douglas wrote an article, “Moving from critical assessment to assessment as care,” which appeared in Communications in Information Literacy.

Douglas wrote a book chapter, “University of Houston instruction program,” which appeared in Hidden Architectures of Information Literacy Programs: Structures, Practices, and Contexts.

Douglas presented “Relational cultural theory and reference work” for the New York University Libraries.

Edward Gloor, Rachel Helbing, Stefanie Lapka, Erica Lopez, and Mea Warren co-presented “STEM: Synergy takes environmental magic” (zine) at The Connection: The Library Collective Annual Gathering online.

Catherine Essinger presented a paper, “How to tell stories with numbers: Tracking faculty research output in architecture,” at Association of Architecture School Librarians Annual Conference.

Rachel Helbing co-presented with C. Tuell “Building a culture of advocacy through dissent and innovation leadership” at Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) Advocacy Summit online.

Andrea Malone wrote a book chapter, “From liaison to coordinator: How digital humanities influenced a role change and restructure,” which appeared in The Academic Librarian in the Digital Age: Essays on Changing Roles and Responsibilities.

Malone was the presider for “Impact metrics in the humanities” at Modern Language Association Convention.

Mary Manning began a three-year term as section convener for American Folklore Society Archives and Libraries Section.

Manning was recommended by UH Faculty Senate to a three-year term of the Office of Equal Opportunities Appellate Hearings Board.

Manning co-authored “Assessing power dynamics in multigenerational archives” which appeared in Archival Outlook.

Leonard Martin presented “Microgenres: Memory, community, and preserving the present” at the Music Online Users Group virtual conference.

Ariana Santiago, R. Gong, and C. Orozco co-presented “Opening a space and place for #WOCinOER: Stories, experiences, and narratives” at Open Education Conference.

Santiago and Cherie Turner presented “Strategies for assessing an OER incentive program” at Open Texas Conference.

Santiago, H. Blicher, and K. Essmiller co-presented “Open educational resources and affordability: A three-part webcast series” for ACRL.

Emily Vinson, Andrew Weidner, Crystal Cooper, and Nick Tripp co-presented a paper, “Metadata works from home: How student workers continued to work while increasing collection accessibility” at Digital Library Forum.