Further Reading

Texas Senate Bill 810.

SB 810 creates a grant program to encourage higher education faculty to adopt, modify, redesign, or develop courses that use only OER. It also requires higher education institutions to provide the capability to search for courses or sections that require or recommend OER.

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. (July 2018).A Study on the Feasibility of a Texas Repository of Open Educational Resources.

In this report, the THECB makes recommendations regarding the feasibility of creating  a state repository of open educational resources.

Colvard, N.B., Watson, C.E., and Park, H. (2018). The impact of open educational resources on various student success metrics. International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 30(2): 262-276.

This article reports the results of a large-scale study regarding the impact of course-level faculty adoption of OER. Results indicate that OER improve end-of-course grades and decrease DFW (D, F, and Withdrawal letter grades) rates for all students, and do so at greater rates for Pell recipient students, part-time students, and populations historically underserved by higher education.