Entering the MD Anderson Library

Every person entering the MD Anderson Library must enter using a valid photo ID. A valid ID is a physical Cougar Card or a physical government-issued ID.

A physical Cougar Card is required to enter through the turnstiles. Use the magnetic swipe reader or proximity card sensor to enter the library through the turnstiles.

To enter with a physical government-issued ID, sign in at the security officer desk (at the far left as you enter).

Non-UH visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult with a valid photo ID.

Tour guides and group leaders will need to enter and exit using their Cougar Card at turnstile #7 (at the far right as you enter). The access control system has pass-through capability to allow groups to enter without each person having to swipe a card.

About the Turnstiles at MD Anderson Library

The access control turnstiles installed in the MD Anderson Library ensure continued safety for library visitors. The additional layer of security is part of the University’s plan to enhance student and public safety on campus while maintaining accessibility for all.

The access control system is connected to MD Anderson Library’s fire safety system. In the event of a fire/evacuation alarm, the system will automatically open the turnstiles for safe exit from the building.