Interlibrary Loan Use Policies

Due dates and overdue fines

Due dates and fines are set by the lending libraries.

We will pass on fines or costs charged to us by the lending library to the borrowing account.

When an item is overdue, notices are sent weekly.

  • After 3 weeks overdue: The account is blocked from ILL services
  • After 6 weeks overdue: A stop is placed in PeopleSoft for full replacement costs of the item, plus a non-refundable $25 processing fee. If the billed item is returned, the cost of the item will be credited, but the processing fee will remain

If we discover that an overdue item is an assigned textbook for a class, additional fines will be charged.

  • After 3 weeks overdue (for assigned textbooks): A $25 non-refundable processing fee will be charged for every week the item is overdue
  • After 6 weeks overdue (for assigned textbooks): A non-refundable fee for the replacement costs of the item will be charged

Repeatedly keeping materials past their due dates can result in losing ILL privileges.

Damaged or lost items

Damaged items will be returned to the lending library for assessment. For lost items, or items damaged beyond repair, the lending library will be consulted.

Any fees the lending library charges will be posted to the patron’s PeopleSoft account, along with a $25 processing fee.

If the lending library is willing to accept a replacement copy of the lost or damaged item, the borrower can purchase a replacement copy and bring it to the MD Anderson Library Service desk. A $25 processing fee will be posted to the borrower’s PeopleSoft account.