Internal Display Policy


The goal of all displays will be to highlight resources, services or collections of the UH Libraries. This policy excludes all exhibits created or curated by Special Collections.


No subjects will be off-limits, although controversial materials may be reviewed by Library Administration to make certain their display meets the stated purpose of displays and that any such display benefits the UH community.
While displays will be on view to all patrons and library staff, some may appeal to specific groups, such as elementary, middle school and high school students, undergraduates or faculty.
Displays will consist of a variety of materials including, but not limited to, posters, book jackets, books and other library materials and handouts, both those generally used in the library and those created for specific displays. Supporting furniture such as corkboards, stands and bookshelves will be used as necessary and as appropriate. All written materials will be reviewed by the Head of Research and Instructional Services prior to posting.
Any employee of the library or group within the Libraries may conceive of and request permission to put up a display in the M.D. Anderson Library. Outside groups may only put up displays if they are collaborating with library employees and if all other requirements are met.


The primary location for displays will be in the north computer lab, located on the first floor of the M.D. Anderson Library. Context-specific displays may be located in other areas of the library. Examples of this include placing a display near a computer terminal on another floor, or near a specific collection such as the literature collection, juvenile collection or government document collection.


The librarian or library staff creating a display is primarily responsible for coordinating the content, set-up, replenishing (if applicable) and removal of displays.


The main display site is in a heavily-used public area, so a display’s security needs must be minimal. The librarian or library staff creating the display is responsible for restocking handouts, straightening or otherwise adjusting displayed materials, and removing unwanted additions or graffiti. Each display will contain the following notice: “The University Libraries reserves the right to remove any unwanted materials or marks from this display area.”