Laptop Borrowing Policies

The following policies are in place for laptops borrowed from MD Anderson Library.

Your responsibilities

You are expected to:

  • Treat all library equipment responsibly so that others may use them after return
  • Return laptops and other equipment on or before the due date and due time, if applicable. If no due time is given, return the item before MD Anderson Library closes on the due date.
  • Maintain email and mailing addresses with the Libraries. Failure to receive a due date reminder or overdue notice is not an excuse for late returns
  • Follow the Libraries Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in suspension of laptop privileges

Our responsibilities

  • Due date reminders and overdue notices are sent as a courtesy. Failure to receive a reminder or notice is not an excuse for late returns
  • Your responsibilities end when the laptop is returned to the Service Desk in MD Anderson Library
  • Return receipts for returned laptops are available on request

Laptop privileges or other privileges may be suspended for irresponsible use, including but not limited to:

  • Equipment damage
  • Repeated and/or accrued late fines
  • Deliberately keeping equipment that others need
  • Attempting to modify or install unauthorized software or hardware
  • Theft

Late fines and fees

The laptop borrower is responsible for paying all fines and fees.

Penalties for late returns

In addition to fines, excessively overdue laptops will result in the following penalties:

First incidentVerbal warning and note added to patron record
Second incident1 week suspension of equipment borrowing privileges
Third incident1 month suspension of equipment borrowing privileges
Fourth incident and beyondIndefinite suspension of equipment borrowing privileges and referral to the Dean of Students office

Need help? Have a question?

If you need additional information, or have extenuating circumstances regarding your borrowed laptop, please contact:

MD Anderson Library Service Desk

Please ask for the manager to talk about your situation.