Turnstiles in MD Anderson Library

Access control turnstiles have been installed in the MD Anderson Library to ensure continued safety for library visitors.

These are modern turnstiles like those found in many subway stations and high-rise office buildings.

Why is the library doing this?

Security and accessibility are paramount. The additional layer of security is part of the University’s plan to enhance student and public safety on campus while maintaining accessibility for all.

MD Anderson Library welcomes thousands of visitors every day. While the majority are UH students, borrowers from across the state, international scholars, campus tour groups, and K-12 students also visit the library.

How does the system work?

Access to the library will require a Cougar Card.

Use the magnetic stripe reader (old Cougar Cards) or proximity card sensor (new Cougar Cards) to enter the library.

Traffic control

Indicator lights on the turnstiles will direct which lanes may be used to enter/exit the library.

Can guests/visitors access the library?

Of course! University of Houston Libraries is open to the public and to UH alumni.

Once access controls have been fully implemented, visitors will check in at the visitor management desk.

You will be required to present a photo ID and will be given a temporary visitor card for access. In general the card will expire in 1-3 days, but longer-term access can be arranged.

I bring tours through the library. How will that work?

The access control system has pass-through capability to allow groups to enter without each person having to swipe a card.

Tour guides and group leaders will need to stop at the visitor management desk to arrange access.

What kind of information is being collected?

The access control system connects to the system that campus uses to manage building/room access. This ensures that the user possesses a valid university-issued ID.

The scope of information collected is minimal and pertains to identification only.

How do the turnstiles operate in an emergency?

The access control system is connected to MD Anderson Library’s fire safety system.

In the event of a fire/evacuation alarm, the system will automatically open the turnstiles for safe exit from the building.