Communicate Your Research

Publishing options

Identify appropriate publishing venues, including Open Access options such as UH Libraries’ Cougar ROAR and discipline-based repositories.

As a service to faculty, we will process and upload your works into the institutional repository. Get assistance with institutional repository submissions

Understand Open Access publishing considerations, including “green” vs. “gold” open access models and discerning the quality and reputation of OA journals

See our guide on assessing journal quality for more information.

Schedule a consultation on identifying publishing venues.

Author rights

Schedule a consultation for help with:

  • Managing the rights to journal articles, book chapters, and monographs
  • Understanding copyright transfer agreements and how to negotiate with publishers to obtain the desired rights for publications
  • Learning to regain control to rights to existing publications

For more information, see our guide on author rights.

Publishing and copyright

Our copyright team can answer questions on copyright issues for using and re-using research.

Data archiving and sharing options

Find the best place to archive your data, share it with broader audiences and request guidance in curating data for deposit.

For discipline-based repositories:

For more information, schedule a consultation.

Share data via the UH Data Repository

Share your research data with broader audiences on the UH open access data platform Cougar ROAR.

Manage your research output

We can help with tracking your research impact and citation metrics.

Create and manage your research profiles and author identifiers, including ORCiD and Scopus Author ID.

To get started, view our guide on managing your research output.

Contact a subject expert for additional help