Conduct Your Research

Data collection

Conduct biometrics research using iMotions by scheduling a research consultation.

Data wrangling and manipulation

Clean and restructure research data using OpenRefine or R.

Schedule a research consultation on data wrangling

Schedule a workshop on data wrangling


Create maps and conduct analysis on researcher data

Schedule a GIS consultation

Schedule a workshop on GIS

Data analysis and visualization

Access data analysis and visualization software, including:

  • Microsoft Excel – statistical analysis, visualization
  • SPSS – statistical analysis, data management
  • Tableau – data visualization
  • ArcMap – geospatial mapping
  • ArcGIS Online – online mapping
  • R and R Studio – quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • OpenRefine – data cleaning
  • Voyant – text analysis
  • HathiTrust Research Center – text analysis of HTDL content
  • Python – programming language, scripting
  • nVivo – qualitative analysis
  • Gephi – network analysis and visualization

For help accessing or using any of these tools, or on data visualization strategies, schedule a data visualization consultation.

Or, schedule a workshop on data analysis or visualization

Data handling and storage

Care for your data throughout your project, from version control, to security, to back-ups.

Metadata creation and management

Apply metadata standards, controlled vocabularies, and metadata ontology to annotate and index research output.

Schedule a research consultation on metadata