Equipment for Checkout

Equipment available in MD Anderson Library

All equipment requires an active Cougar Card to borrow.


Laptops come loaded with Microsoft Word/PowerPoint/Excel and multiple web browsers.

Windows 10 laptops are available for day-use or 1-week checkouts.

  • Day-use laptops have a $9/day overdue fines
  • 1-week laptops carry a $9/day overdue fines

See laptop borrowing policies for more information.

Cameras and recorders

  • DSLR cameras, fixed or interchangeable lens
  • Video cameras
  • Audio recorders
  • Microphones
  • Tripods
  • GoPros

Cameras, recorders, and tripods are available for 3-day checkouts and have $9/day overdue fines. GoPros have variable lending periods with a max of two weeks.

Makerspace Kits

Arduino Uno Starter Kit
Arduino is an open-source electronics platform and suitable for users with no experience in electronics. The kit includes the Arduino board and supplies/accessories to complete beginner-to-intermediate level projects.

TI LaunchPad Kits
The TI LaunchPad kit is a general-purpose microcontroller for electronics and programming projects. Each kit includes the board and supplies for intermediate-to-advanced level projects.

TI LaunchaPad Models Available:

  • MSP430-F5529
  • CC3200
  • MSP432-P401R
  • CC2650
  • Tiva-C Series (TM4C123G)

Makerspace kits are available for 2 week checkout and have $9/day overdue fines.

A/V equipment

Headphones and USB headsets are available for 12 hour checkouts and have $3/hr overdue fines.

Projector units and projector screens are available for 3 day checkouts each and have $9/day overdue fines.

Other A/V equipment:

  • CD/DVD writers (4 hours, $9/hour overdue fines)
  • Cassette players (3 days, $9/day overdue fines)


Graphing and scientific calculators are available for 8-hour checkouts. Calculators have $3/hour overdue fines.

In-library use only

These must stay inside library security gates at all times.

  • Region-free DVD players (3 hours, $9/hour overdue fines)
  • Wacom tablets (4 hours, $9/hour overdue fines)
  • TV+VCR units (2 hours, $9/hour overdue fines)

Questions? Need more info?

Contact us or visit the Service Desk to learn more about available equipment.

Note: Account owners are ultimately responsible for borrowed equipment. Replacement fees are charged for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment. There are no renewals on borrowed equipment.