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The Makerspace offers a unique opportunity for students to collaborate, create, and learn, providing tools and support for anyone working on projects, making objects, or building electronic devices.

All students, regardless of their college or department, are encouraged to explore all that it offers.


The Makerspace provides introductory workshops on a range of introductory electronics, and helps host other student organization workshops in a range fields.

  • Introduction to Arduino
  • Introduction to Sewing
  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi
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Basic device and project assistance is available from library staff, as well as capstone and student organization assistance. Request consultation.

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  • Oscilloscope (Rhode & Schwarz HMO1024 )
  • DC Power Supply (Keysight E36102A)
  • Waveform Generator (Keysight 33210A )
  • Digital Multimeter (Keysight 34450A)
  • Weller Soldering Iron (currently unavailable due to COVID-19)


  • Computerized Sewing Machine (Brother HC1850)
  • Serger Machine (Brother Lock 1034D)
  • Ironing Board and Clothes Iron


  • Glowforge + Laser Cutter and engraver
  • Dremel 8220

Makerspace kits

A variety of tool kits and low-power microelectronics are available for checkout. All kits are available for 2 week checkouts and have $9/day overdue fines. View the complete Makerspace Kit Parts List (pdf, 3 mb).

Makerspace project in progress
Makerspace equipment

Tool kits

Ideal for a variety of maker-related student projects. Tool kits available include:

  • Cartman 136 Piece Tool Set
  • Oria Screwdriver Set
  • Hot Glue Gun Kit
  • Sewing Starter Kit

Arduino Starter Kits

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform suitable for users with no experience with electronics. Each kit includes the Arduino board and supplies/accessories to complete beginner-to-intermediate level projects. Arduino kits available include:

  • Arduino ARDX
  • Arduino Mega
  • Arduino Uno
  • Supply Starter Kit

Raspberry Pi Starter Kits

Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer for electronics and programming projects. Each kit includes the Raspberry Pi computer and supplies/accessories to complete beginner-to-intermediate level projects. Raspberry Pi kits available include:

  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • Raspberry Pi 3

TI LaunchPad Kits

The TI LaunchPad kit is a general-purpose microcontroller for electronics and programming projects. Each kit includes the board and supplies for intermediate-to-advanced level projects. TI LaunchPad kits available include:

  • CC2650
  • CC3200
  • MSP430-F5529
  • MSP432-P401R
  • TM4C123G (Tiva-C Series)

Class Related Kits

Certain microcontrollers and kits are available for students who need it for coursework and other academic endeavors, but can be made available for student projects upon request. These Kits include:

  • Terasic Altera DE2-115
  • Analog Discovery 2
  • Texas Instruments Educational Booster Pack MK2
  • Beaglebone Black

Robot Kits

Kits for introductory robotics and other activities are available upon request. Only one robot kit can be checked out by a student at a time. We include a wide range of robot shells and other components, such as:

  • All-terrain vehicle kits (DG012-ATV)
  • Self-balancing Robots (Actobitty 2 Robotics Kit)
  • Sumo Robots (Pololu Zumo 32u4)
  • 3pi robots (Pololu 3pi robot)

Tell us what you think

Tell us your how you use the Makerspace or make suggestions for future maker services by filling out the Makerspace feedback form.