Academic Research Center

The Academic Research Center (ARC) is a computer lab focusing on the research and study needs of students, faculty, and staff at the University of Houston. A valid CougarNet account is required to use computers in this area.

The ARC is a Business Zone; conversations and group study are expected, and there are no restrictions on cell phone usage. This area may be noisy.

Academic Research Center

Equipment and software

All computers in the ARC are available on a first-come, first-served basis. All computers are equipped for printing in the Libraries.


  • 257 PC desktop computers
  • 15 iMac computers

Public computer usage policy

Assistive technologies

Computer terminals with various assistive technologies (AT) are available in the Academic Research Center, including specialized software for the visually impaired, a special mouse for those with limited hand mobility, and adjustable height work surfaces to adapt to different heights of wheelchairs.

Group study rooms

There are 5 group study rooms are available for reservation. Rooms include Dell Optiplex PC and large screen monitor.

  • These rooms are for groups of 3 to 7
  • Closed-lid beverages are allowed. No food or open drinks
  • Users are responsible for equipment in each room. This includes chairs, tables, dry erase boards, computers and monitors, and any other technology
  • Users who ignore or break policies may be banned from room use

Reserve a room

Visit the Room Reservation System and log in with your CougarNet account information. Reservations may be placed up to a week in advance. Pick up the room key for your reservation at the Service Desk.

CougarNet password reset stations

CougarNet accounts give access to, and file space on, university Windows computing resources.

There are 8 dedicated CougarNet password reset computers available in the ARC.