Hamill Foundation Multimedia Studio

The Hamill Foundation Multimedia Studio is a free service for the UH community to assist students, staff, and faculty in creating quality productions.

Located in the Learning Commons in MD Anderson Library, the studio features a set of audio booths and professional grade recording equipment.

To request a session in the multimedia studio, fill out the studio consultation form.

You can also visit the Technology Consultation Room or Service Desk for more information and to fill out a consultation form in-person.

Using the studio

  • At the studio, your audio is recorded, mixed, and/or mastered by a trained studio producer
  • Studio time goes up to 2 hours total. Studio time may be split into multiple, shorter sessions
  • Studio producers use Pro-Tools and Adobe Audition for recording, mixing, and mastering
  • All performers must be current UH students, faculty, or staff
  • Up to 3 additional performers are allowed in the booth with you at a time
  • The deadline for a project must be at least one week in advance
  • Fill out the consultation form online or at the Service Desk to request studio time

Missed sessions and cancellation

  • Please contact us if you need to reschedule or cannot make a scheduled session
  • Sessions are cancelled if you are 30 minutes late without prior notice
  • All remaining booked studio time is cancelled if you miss 2 sessions without prior notice

Still have questions?

Visit the Technology Consultation Room, the Service Desk, or contact us with additional questions.