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Assure the Quality and   Relevance of Collections for   Campus and Global   Communities

Assure the Quality and Relevance of Collections for Campus and Global Communities

Assure the Quality and Relevance of Collections for Campus and Global Communities

The Libraries’ collections are key to the University’s national competitiveness and embody the intellectual identities and research ambitions of our campus communities. New technologies continue to revolutionize information discovery, creation, and preservation. As a result, we are changing the way we acquire and make collections available to students and researchers, locally and globally. In order to propel the University to national prominence, sustain student learning, and foster the creation of new knowledge, we fashion collections that reflect the teaching and research priorities of the University and attract top faculty and scholars.


  • Articulate our collection building, management, and retention strategies to reflect and anticipate advances in research strengths and learning priorities, as well as to reflect the diversity of the institution.
  • Leverage regional and national partnerships to enable flexibility in local collection management and in our ability to share our collections globally.
  • Aggressively acquire unique and primary source materials that reflect University research priorities and promote community engagement and national prominence.
  • Augment digital, linked data, and open access initiatives to maximize global access to unique and primary source materials.
  • Integrate internal and external systems, repositories, and websites for efficient use of our resources and improved user experience.
  • Partner with faculty to embed research collections into the curriculum to advance the research and critical thinking skills of students.
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