Special Libraries & Preservation

Special Libraries & Preservation

Associate Dean Lauren Gottlieb-Miller


William R. Jenkins Architecture, Design, and Art Library
Music Library
Preservation and Reformatting
Special Collections

Special Libraries & Preservation’s Focus

To strengthen our areas that require deeper expertise with materiality, use and/or handling of collections that result in scholarly and creative works by deeper collaborations across the Libraries with respect to collections development; preservation, access, and discoverability, engagement/programming, public services; research; and teaching and learning.

Areas for which we will develop benchmarks and map to success measures in alignment with the University Strategic Plan include:​​​​​​​ Student Success, Nationally Competitive Research, & Social Responsibility

Student Success

  • Engage students with primary source research across our rare, archival, and distinctive collections
  • Collaborate with faculty on research and instructional needs with primary source materials
  • Promote interdisciplinary study and research
  • Amplify the history of athletics through University Archives
  • Accessible programming that engages students in our specialized libraries
  • Implement a more structured and efficient approach supporting faculty related to special libraries

Nationally Competitive Research

  • Ensure digitization projects align with contemporary research needs and practices
  • Increase access to new unique resources
  • Support disciplines with nontraditional research forays
  • Hold interprofessional development workshops
  • Host targeted research webinar series

Social Responsibility

  • Develop diverse collections that expand the canon
  • Diverse and regularly refreshed exhibits that draw audiences into new perspectives, cultures, and knowledge bases
  • Work with campus and local communities and their archival collections
  • Promote health and wellness toward diverse regional audiences