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Transform Library Spaces to 
 Reflect Evolving Modes of 
 Learning and Scholarship

Transform Library Spaces to Reflect Evolving Modes of Learning and Scholarship

Transform Library Spaces to Reflect Evolving Modes of Learning and Scholarship

Library spaces, both physical and virtual, make a statement about the quality of teaching and research that define UH, and can be destinations for creative exploration. Our users have different values, beliefs, backgrounds, interests, and learning preferences. We have a responsibility to provide spaces that offer diverse, flexible, and high-quality experiences, and extend learning and research beyond traditional classrooms and labs. Additionally, higher education trends suggest that students and faculty will seek more experiential and blended learning experiences. UH Libraries will aim to transform how students, faculty, and the community are able to use library spaces to discover, interact, and create knowledge.


  • Develop creative spaces that enable interdisciplinary learning and research through hands-on experiences in research conception, design, visualization, and creation.
  • Design adaptive spaces that allow users to form their own learning environments throughout library facilities and adopt flexible policies on how spaces are used to be responsive to student learning and faculty development needs.
  • Expand access to computing and technology throughout library facilities.
  • Enhance building access, amenities, furniture, and ambiance to meet evolving learning and comfort needs of our students and faculty.
  • Create exhibit spaces to engage the community with special collections, traveling exhibitions, and to showcase student and faculty work.
  • Create new spaces to manage the growth, use, and preservation of special collections.
  • Integrate the physical and online user experience to enable intuitive, rapid discovery of services and spaces.
  • Assure physical and online services and spaces are designed to be accessible to all.
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