DJ Screw Sound Recordings Use Policy

About the DJ Screw Sound Recordings

Thank you for your interest in the DJ Screw Sound Recordings at the University of Houston Libraries Special Collections. These vinyl records belonged to and were used by DJ Screw to create his famous mixtapes. They may be viewed by all members of the public with photo I.D.

In the Reading Room

  • Vinyl records can be viewed in the reading room during open hours without an appointment.
  • Vinyl records cannot be played in the reading room. Because these records belonged to DJ Screw, they are historically valuable and provide evidence of his creative process that other copies of the same records would not. For this reason, we want to prevent adding any extra wear and tear that would occur with repeated playing.

Listening to the Records

  • If a copy of the record cannot be found to listen to online, or to purchase for $25.00 or less through,, or, Special Collections will make a listening copy for you. This copy may only be listened to in the reading room, and cannot be downloaded for your personal use. This is to protect the copyright of the artists.
  • If you would like to request a listening copy of one of DJ Screw’s records, please contact Julie Grob at Please allow up to 2 weeks for listening copies to be made.