Taking Photos or Recording Video in MD Anderson Library

University of Houston students, faculty/staff, alumni, or visitors who wish to take photography or record video in the MD Anderson Library should request approval at least 5 business days prior to the date of activity using the application form. Common requests include graduation photos, recording background scenery for an academic or research project, or conducting an on-camera interview.

Media professionals who are collaborating with a UH-affiliated individual or group should contact the Office of Media Relations instead of submitting the Libraries’ application form. Media Relations will work with the Libraries on behalf of the requesting party to secure location approval.


  • You must submit a photo/video request at least 5 business days prior to the date of activity.
  • Individuals cannot be photographed or recorded on video without their permission. Permission to take photographs or record video in MD Anderson Library does not override individual rights.
  • Photo/video sessions must adhere to the Libraries Code of Conduct.
  • Requests will not be considered for days that MD Anderson Library/University of Houston is closed.
  • Photo/video personnel or equipment may not block any entrance, walkway, staircase, or fire exit.
  • No background or display materials may be attached to any surface.
  • No photo/video session may interfere with normal Libraries operations.
  • Requests may be denied for any reason, including but not limited to timing in the academic year, scope of request, security concerns, facility closures/limitations, or failure to comply with these policies.
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