Overdue or Lost Materials

Three notices are sent when an item becomes overdue. Failing to return the borrowed item(s) will result in

$85 (on average) replacement fee + $25 processing fee (for UH affiliates) = $110 fine

With prior approval from staff, you may purchase a suitable replacement copy instead of paying the $85 replacement fee. Note that the $25 processing fee still applies for UH affiliates.

Fees are charged regardless of whether or not notices are received. It is your responsibility to provide us with updated contact information, such as email addresses, mailing addresses and telephone number.

If a stop is placed on your account with Student Financial Services, you will be charged the $25.00 processing fee, regardless of whether or not the material has been returned.

Fees for overdue equipment

Borrowed equipment must be returned with all of its parts. Each part of the equipment carries its own replacement fee.

You will be charged a fee if equipment is returned with missing parts, e.g., missing lens caps, batteries, etc., regardless of whether the equipment was returned on time.

Lost, stolen, or damaged items

If books that are charged to you are lost, stolen or damaged please report this to the Service Desk in MD Anderson Library immediately.

For questions about any charges or fees, please contact the Service Desk at (713) 743-9710.