Elizabeth D. Rockwell Pavilion Usage Guidelines

The University of Houston Libraries offers the Elizabeth D. Rockwell Pavilion to groups or units that are organizationally part of the University or formally affiliated with the University for their meetings or events.  Examples of these groups include university colleges and departments, the President’s office, Board of Regents, University of Houston Alumni Association, and university-recognized student groups.  Only those events that promote the mission of the University will be eligible to reserve this space.

  1. The EDR is a NON-MANAGED venue – you will be provided the space and furniture/equipment for your event, but someone will NOT be present at your event for assistance.  At least one responsible person from the University group holding the event must be present for the entire duration of the event from the beginning of the event until the last person leaves.  This individual is responsible for leaving the facility in satisfactory condition.
  2. No event may start before 9:00am and caterers may not arrive before 8:00am.
  3. The room should be referred to as the Elizabeth D. Rockwell Pavilion in all published materials, printed or electronic.
  4. Any group reserving the Elizabeth D. Rockwell Pavilion must be the same group that will use the facility for the originally stated purpose.
  5. The designated person or their appointed substitute from this group is the only person with whom the Libraries will have contact for all details of the event.
  6. The maximum allowable capacity of the room is 350 standing people. If you are using chairs, the maximum number is 250. If you plan to use round tables, the maximum number the room can accommodate is 24 tables, but we only have 18 available.  You would have to get any extra ones you might require from physical plant. If attendance at your event will be greater, then you need to identify another venue. Furniture and technology available for use with the Elizabeth D. Rockwell Pavilion includes:
    • 18, 60” round dining tables which seat a maximum of 8
    • 10, 30” round adjustable height cocktail tables
    • 20, 6’ long  x 2’ wide rectangle tables
    • 90 upholstered chairs with arms
    • 150 upholstered chairs without arms
    • 6 table microphones
    • 2 lapel microphones
    • 2 wireless handheld microphones
    • Large projection screen with video capabilities
    • Podium with laptop and internet connection
    • Wireless internet access throughout the entire room
  7. Parking for events held in the Elizabeth D. Rockwell Pavilion must be arranged by your group.
  8. Noise should be kept to a reasonable level such that normal library operations are not disrupted. Low-level background music is permitted such as jazz groups or string quarters either recorded or live performance. The glass doors on the east side of the room opening onto the corridor should be kept closed so as to reduce disturbing the study area below.
  9. Firearms and other weapons are forbidden.
  10. Appropriate standards of dress and behavior will be observed at all times.
  11. The catering kitchen is a staging area for foods that have been prepared elsewhere. It is not equipped for cooking. It has water and numerous heavy-duty electrical outlets for caterers to plug in large equipment to keep food hot or cold. Counter space is available for preparing the final presentation. All equipment, utensils, dishes, food stuffs, etc. brought by the caterer must be removed at the conclusion of the event and the kitchen should be left clean and as found.
  12. Alcohol may only be served after 5:00 p.m. and only by a provider with a valid TABC license and valid liquor liability insurance coverage.  No person under 21 years of age may consume alcohol at any event held in the Elizabeth D. Rockwell Pavilion.  The serving of alcohol will comply with the policies of the UH Board of Regents and the laws of the State of Texas and Harris County.  See MAPP 09.03.01, Section: Facilities, Part VI, Food and Beverages.
  13. A public safety presence, police, parking, or fire marshal, may be required as a condition of holding certain events.  The decision to require public safety services is determined in part by the nature and size of the event, the extent the event will impact normal library operations, need for the loading dock, the target audience, the group’s event history, and whether alcohol will be served.  The final decision to require/waive public safety presence rests with the Libraries in consultation with UHPD.  The group holding the event must arrange these services with UHPD. If security presence is needed, they must remain on duty until all persons have left the event.
  14. Table linens, skirting, and decorations are not provided.  You or your caterer must supply them.
  15. In addition to the room itself, food and beverages are permitted in the foyer outside the room.
  16. Smoking is prohibited.
  17. All types of open flames, e.g., candles, are prohibited. However, tea lights and votive candles in appropriate fire-proof containers are allowed.
  18. Animals are not permitted except for those used to assist disabled individuals.
  19. No posters, charts, or decorations of any kind may be attached with pushpins to the walls or hung from the ceiling or lighting fixtures. Tape that doesn’t leave any marks is permitted as long as it is also removed. Please provide your own easels for any posters you may require.
  20. The use of confetti, glitter or any similar materials is not permitted by any means inside the room or thrown from the balcony.  If using balloons, please note that due to the high ceilings, all helium balloons must be assembled and weighted down outside of the room before placing on tables.  Under no circumstances will any balloons be taped or fixed to the walls or light fixtures.
  21. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the IT/AV systems in the room.  If you need to schedule an orientation with us prior to your event, it will need to be made at least 3 days in advance.  Under no circumstances may a group or individual modify or change any AV or computer connections to our equipment.  You will be financially responsible for any damage caused by misuse.  Failure to comply will result in your group being barred from using the room in the future.  Please be aware that UH Libraries cannot provide any type of support after 5:00 pm on weekdays. If you require assistance after hours, you can call or text UH Information Technology at 3-1411.
  22. If problems with heating, cooling, plumbing, lighting or electricity are encountered, please contact the Library Administration office during normal business hours, or the first floor service desk.  For any immediate emergencies (flooding, power outage, etc.)  or after-hour issues please contact UH Fix It at 3-4948 – available 24/7.
  23. If any damage occurs such as stains that require washing the carpets, or broken furniture or equipment, the reserving group will be billed for the cost to repair and/or replace the item(s).
  24. The Libraries expect your group to honor your reservation since we receive numerous requests to use the room.  At least one week before your event, we must receive your final details such as number of tables and chairs, any A-V equipment, computer equipment or microphone requirements along with a diagram of your desired set-up. Once these details are confirmed, changes/additions WILL NOT BE PERMITTED. In case your event needs to be canceled due to a last minute problem, such as inclement weather, illness, etc., please contact Dwendol Nelson (713-743-5794), or Library Administration (713-743-9800).

Please note that you must agree to everything in these Guideliness in order to Reserve the Elizabeth D. Rockwell Pavlilion.