Rare Books Collections


    • Edwin A. Miles Historic Dictionary Collection


    • Jones Latin American Drama Collection
    • Genevieve Parkhill Lykes Drama Collection

Early Printed Books

    • The history of four-footed beasts and serpents… (Topsell)
    • Americae pars quarta, sive, Insignis & admiranda historia de reperta primùm Occidentalis India à Christophoro Columbo anno M. CCCCXCII (Theodor de Bry)

Fine Press

    • Arion Press
    • Bird & Bull Press
    • Circle Press

Gay and Lesbian Studies

    • Edward Lukasek Gay Studies Collection
    • Norma J. Lee Collection

Hispanic Literature

    • Kanellos Latino Literary Movement Book Collection


    • Donald Barthelme Collection
    • William B. Shrimplin Collection (Mark Twain and American Literature)
    • Joe H. Baker, Jr. Collection (Gertrude Stein)
    • Larry McMurtry Collection
    • Vassar Miller Collection

Manuscript Books

    • Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts Collection


    • Henry C. Owen Jr. Collection of Occult Sciences

Science Fiction and Fantasy

    • Fritz Leiber Collection


  • The William B. Bates collection of Texana and Western Americana
  • Richard Burges Texana Collection
  • Patrick H. Candler Collection
  • Claude Elliott Collection