External Exhibits Policy


This policy establishes guidelines for exhibits in the University of Houston M.D. Anderson Library.


Exhibits must support the educational mission of the University. Library administration shall be the sole judge of an exhibit’s acceptability.


External exhibits must have the written sponsorship of either the library or an office or department of the University of Houston.

Space Restrictions

The library welcomes the display of external exhibits in the third floor open study area, which is the area bound by the main staircase, blue elevators, and brown elevators. The exhibit space is primarily limited to walls. Small exhibit cases may at times be available. Potential exhibitors are encouraged to survey the available space to be certain it meets their requirements.

The first and second floor exhibit cases are for the purpose of displaying collections from the University of Houston Libraries‚ Special Collections. Occasionally Special Collections will collaborate with an external group to produce an exhibition or host a traveling exhibition at the discretion of the Head of Special Collections.

Other areas of the library are unavailable for exhibits, so as not to disturb our students. Exhibits must not interfere with the reasonable flow of traffic inside the library in compliance with the Fire Code.


All inquiries should be addressed to Library Administration (Room 220, M.D. Anderson Library, (713) 743-9795)).

Library events and previously scheduled events take priority over external exhibits.

Potential exhibitors must complete the UH Libraries’ External Exhibitor Application form.  Completed forms must be received at least three (3) months prior to the proposed exhibit display time. Please note that exhibit approval could take up to a month following the submission of the form.

The Library should be notified immediately if an exhibition must be canceled.


Exhibits must be complete and ready to display on arrival, including exhibit labels.  Two dimensional art must arrive ready to hang, framed as necessary.  Two dimensional art may not exceed five feet in width or height.  Framed and supported works may not extend more than four inches from the wall.  Three dimensional art will be evaluated and approved on an individual basis.

Exhibit installation is subject to other events.

Exhibitors must provide their own display equipment. No easels are provided.


The library is not liable for damages occurring to items on exhibit or exhibit support material (such as labels, pedestals, or easels) while in the library building.


The library provides only limited publicity on the library website. Any other publicity is the responsibility of the exhibitor. No publicity materials may be posted inside the library without express permission of library administration.

Events are to be scheduled separately at the discretion of the library events coordinator.

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