Collections Strategies & Discovery

Collections Strategies & Discovery

Associate Dean Kerry Creelman


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Collections Strategies and Services
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Collections Strategies & Discovery’s Focus

To ensure effective accessibility, discoverability, assessment, and retention of relevant and inclusive learning and research resources comprising various formats, modalities, levels of stewardship, and uses.

Areas for which we will develop benchmarks and map to success measures in alignment with the University Strategic Plan include:​​​​​​​ Student Success, Nationally Competitive Research, & Social Responsibility

Student Success

  • Refine and articulate holistic collections development and acquisitions priorities, emphasizing global, diaspora, and local collections, particularly Third Ward and other Houston communities, including many voices, backgrounds, abilities, and representations
  • Deeper collaborations with our rare, archival, and specialized materials across the Libraries
  • Enhance and amplify our materials delivery and distance learner support

Nationally Competitive Research

  • Collections development and faculty engagement
  • Deeper assessment of acquisitions and selection across the Libraries
  • Harmonize and leverage our discovery systems to support fuller awareness of new knowledge and collections across the University

Social Responsibility

Amplify our efforts in the following areas:

  • Collections development
  • Advancing new scholarship that expands and interrogates canons
  • Descriptive practices
  • Unit priorities