Strategic Plan

2021-2027 Strategic Plan


In the fall of 2021, University of Houston Libraries activated a significant organizational restructure that positioned our senior administrative portfolios and attending departments in direct alignment with the University Strategic Plan. This resulted in the establishment of key partnerships with campus units, namely the Division of Research, and a notable increase in collaboration with the colleges. The new structure will also catalyze crucial reviews and adjustments of our high-traffic spaces and high-demand resources and services. In each case, the goal is to advance Student Success, Nationally Competitive Research, and Social Responsibility while emphasizing the transformative and integral role we play in the success of the University.

The Libraries Strategic Plan also accounts for the University’s goals of Nationally Relevant Athletics and Competitive Funding. Strategy 2 for Nationally Relevant Athletics, “prepare student-athletes for academic and lifelong success,” is reflected in the Libraries’ Student Success goals for each portfolio. Strategy 2 related to Competitive Funding, “enhance targeted private fundraising,” is a high-priority focus of the Libraries dean in coordination with the chief development officer, and is reflected in ongoing fundraising activities.

The foundational strategy comprises each associate dean’s portfolio which grew from the new structure and which will expand into annual departmental goals. Organizational Development, Learning, and Talent, led by associate dean Christina Gola, is an enterprise-wide portfolio that includes the critical assessment of our teams and how we work together; what metrics we gather and measure; how we flourish in individual roles; understanding our importance to our values, mission, vision and goals; and how employees feel supported. Emphasis on collaboration, documentation, articulated workflows, and accountability will infuse these goals and underpin the work of the following three portfolios:

All portfolios are responsible for efforts toward Student Success, Nationally Competitive Research, and Social Responsibility. Administrative units of Communications, Development, Finance and Facilities, and Technology Services serve instrumental roles in affording the success of the associate deans’ portfolio goals. Emphasis on collaboration, documentation, articulated workflows, and accountability will infuse these goals in support of the portfolio goals.

We will continually evaluate meaningful benchmarks and metrics in alignment with success measures, Association of Research Libraries (ARL), and other important instruments that advance our rankings and impact.