Collections Services

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

A free service by which UH Libraries obtains academic materials from other libraries on behalf of students, faculty, and researchers. This service is available to any member of the University community who needs material for academic research projects or course-related assignments.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Open educational resources (OER) are teaching and learning resources in the public domain or that have been licensed in such a way that allows anyone to freely use and re-purpose them.

Course Reserves

This service allows instructors to set aside books, films, or sound recordings for class use, or make articles or book excerpts electronically available for all classes through Canvas. This allows the library to support on-campus and remote learning equitably.

Streaming Video

UH Libraries provides access to numerous streaming video databases and hundreds of thousands of video titles to support the curricular streaming needs of the University.

Text Data Mining

UH Libraries provides access to a corpus of material and permissions for using the necessary APIs, environments, and data sets on which text and data mining analytical methods can be used.

Research Visibility & Impact

UH Libraries provides several services to graduate students, researchers, and research groups to help increase their visibility and determine the impact of their research within academia and society.