Call Numbers

Use the call number of an item to figure out its location.

Campus libraries

The first part of the call number describes its library location using a specific code.

Call # codelibrary
AndersonMD Anderson Library
Arch & ArtArch & Art Library
MusicMusic Library
Health SciencesHealth Sciences Library

MD Anderson Library call numbers

MD Anderson Library has items throughout its 8 floors and 4 wings. It has its own set of location codes as well.

Call # rangeLocation
A-B8th Floor Blue
C7th Floor Blue
D-DR7th Floor Blue
DS-DZ & E6th Floor Blue
F-G5th Floor Brown
H-HD83995th Floor Brown
HD8400-HQ7695th Floor Blue (closed)
HQ770-HZ4th Floor Brown
J-LC4th Floor Brown
LD-NX4th Floor Brown
P-PN4th Floor Blue
PQ-PS3rd Floor Brown
PT-PQ3rd Floor Blue
PZ (Juvenile Collection)3rd Floor Gold
Q-QC3rd Floor Blue
QD-QL3rd Floor Gold
QM-QZ2nd Floor Brown
R-S2nd Floor Brown
T-TK1-7804.92nd Floor Brown
TK7805-99993rd Floor Gold
TL-Z3rd Floor Gold
Call # codeLocation
Access ServicesService Desk
Archives2nd Floor Red
Bound JournalsBasement Red
Current JournalsBasement Red
Service / Info Desk1st Floor Red
Juvenile Coll3rd Floor Gold
Leisure Reading1st Floor Red
Map CollectionBasement Red
MicroformsBasement Red
Media Collection: CD, DVD, VHS1st Floor Red
Newspapers1st Floor Red
ReservesService Desk
Spec Coll2nd Floor Red
Textbook Coll3rd Floor Gold
Thesis Coll3rd Floor Gold
TX DocumentsBasement Red
US DocumentsBasement Red