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Important Change to EBSCO Content Links

An important change in access to EBSCO journal and database content has been activated, affecting direct links in syllabi, handouts, bookmarks, and other course materials. Your saved links expire August 31, 2023. To ensure continued access, UH faculty are encouraged to immediately update any direct links in your materials (instructions below). This includes the affected databases, and any links or “permalinks” you may have used to access full text articles or journals that are provided through these EBSCO databases. We regret the timing of this update, however EBSCO recently informed us that, due to a licensing change that goes into effect September 1, 2023, all of our links must be updated. Links are already updated on Libraries systems, including the website, subject and class guides, and course reserves. UH Libraries remains committed to ensuring continued access to this critical content and is working quickly to ensure seamless access through our systems for the beginning of the semester.   Update your saved links using the following steps below:  Update direct links to individual databases  Step 1: Access the Libraries’ A-Z databases list  Step 2: Find the database you intend to use and access from there  Update links for journals  Step 1: Access the Libraries’ Journal Title search  Step 2: Search for the journal title of interest  Step 3: Click on the Permalink button on the journal record, and copy the link  Update links for articles  Step 1: Access the article via the search box on the Libraries’ homepage   Step 2: Search for the article title of interest and select it  Step 3: Click on the Permalink button on the article record, and copy the link  Journals and articles may be available from multiple vendor platforms or providers. For example, a specific journal may be provided by EBSCO, ProQuest, etc.; you may have multiple options to link to when performing these searches.  While rare, certain kinds of hyperlinks (such as saved filtered searches) may need to be manually recreated to ensure correct link resolution, and these suggestions do not cover all hyperlinks that may be impacted. If you have any questions, please contact collections@uh.edu  To avoid having to update links in the future, we recommend that you access databases via the Libraries’ A-Z databases list and include your article readings via course reserves.  We appreciate your understanding at this busy time in the year and we wish you a great start of the new semester.

Written by Madelyn Washington on August 17th, 2023 and filed under Music