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New Exhibit Features Houston GLBT Political Caucus

A student-curated exhibit featuring archival materials related to the Houston GLBT Political Caucus is on display at the MD Anderson Library.

Photo from OutSmart, part of the Annise Parker and Kathy Hubbard Papers

Photo from OutSmart, part of the Annise Parker and Kathy Hubbard Papers

Marking LGBT+ Pride Month 2022, the physical exhibit is augmented by a digital component, and was created by senior history major Kennedy Williams as part of a Research for Aspiring Coogs in the Humanities (REACH) project.

“The [REACH] program gave me experience in archives which will assist me in becoming an archivist in the future,” Williams said. “It proved to me this is what I want to do.”

Williams selected items from the archives of University of Houston Libraries Special Collections’ LGBT History Research Collections, primarily from materials in the Annise Parker and Kathy Hubbard Papers, reflecting the influential history of the Houston LGBTQ+ Political Caucus from its founding in 1975 to the present. (In 2021, the organization’s membership voted to change its name from Houston GLBT Political Caucus to the current Houston LGBTQ+ Political Caucus).

In working with the archives, Williams learned that curation is an iterative process. “Everything takes several drafts, from how you wish to organize the archival material to how you present it,” she said. “Secondly, I learned to critically think not only about the history but about each individual piece of archival material in order to decide what would be good in the exhibit.”

Williams initially had doubts about participating in the research program, wondering what it would be like and if she’d be able to keep up. Now, her advice to other undergraduates considering research opportunities at UH is to go for it. “Don’t let anything hold you back,” she said. “I ended up enjoying every second.”

The exhibit and the LGBT History Research Collection are supported by an endowment from The Hollyfield Foundation, which provides funding for the acquisition and preservation of primary source materials. The LGBT History Research Collection preserves and promotes the archives of LGBT communities and organizations from Houston and the region. Materials, including personal papers, organization records, and library collections, document the communities’ activist, cultural, social, and political activities, and the personal experiences of community members.

Through its support of LGBT and AIDS non-profits, The Hollyfield Foundation has made a substantial positive impact on local LGBT communities since its inception in 1994. The Houston-based organization contributes to charities that work to prevent discrimination, promote equality, and assist in HIV/AIDS education, care and treatment.

New Exhibit Features Hispanic Theater Collection

A new exhibit at University of Houston Libraries documents the origins and renaissance of Hispanic community theater.

A selection from the Hispanic Theater in the United States exhibit

A selection from the Hispanic Theater in the United States exhibit

Hispanic Theater in the United States features selections from the Dr. Nicolás Kanellos Hispanic Theater Collection, Arte Público Press, and UH Libraries. Historical photos, original posters, flyers and ephemera, scripts, audio, and video depict the plays, playwrights, actors, troupes, and venues related to US Hispanic theater dating from its early days.

Approximately 150 items in the Hispanic Theater Collection were donated to UH Libraries by Nicolás Kanellos, PhD, Brown Foundation professor of Hispanic Studies at UH and director of Arte Público Press and Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage, in what is the largest known theater collection of its kind. The primary sources were collected over a seminal period in history by Kanellos through personal and scholarly involvement.

The exhibit is on view through fall 2022 at the MD Anderson Library first floor. The collection is currently being processed. Visitors who wish to view the collection may schedule an appointment with Christian Kelleher, head of Special Collections.

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