3D Printing

3D design and printing services are available to all UH students, faculty, and staff for university-related projects, programs, or functions.

Objects we 3D print

Objects we typically 3D print include:

  • anatomical models
  • historical artifacts
  • chemical structures

We are not able to print any 3D object files you have designed yourself.

Other 3D printing services on campus

Request a 3D print

The steps for requesting a 3D print are:

  1. You submit a request online
  2. We schedule a design meeting with you
  3. After the meeting, we will provide a quote for the cost
  4. We will print your object
  5. When it is ready, you pick-up your object

Design and printing processes may take up to 2 to 3 weeks.

A selection of pre-designed objects are listed on the SHAPES website from Texas Tech University.

To request one of these objects, please indicate by selecting “pre-designed object” on the request form.

To get started, please complete the Request a 3D Print form.


There is a charge for print time and materials.

Cost structure for 3D prints

  • $5 flat fee per print
  • $3 per cubic inch of model material used
  • $5 per cubic inch of support material used

Payments accepted

  • Credit card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover)
  • Departmental purchasing vouchers (faculty and staff only)

About our printer

All objects are printed using our Stratasys uPrint SE+ 3D printers. See the Stratasys website for more information.

Objects are printed in ABS Plus thermoplastic.

Material specifications

  • Fully opaque and available in 6 colors
  • Heat Deflection Temp – IZOD Impact, notched – 106 J/m
  • Impact Toughness – IZOD Impact, notched – 106 J/m
  • Tensile Strength, Yield – 31MPa

Terms and conditions

  • We have the right to deny any request for 3D printed objects
  • All 3D designs produced via SHAPES or through this service are the intellectual property of the University of Houston Libraries or our partner institutions