3D Printing

3D design and printing services are available to all UH students, faculty, and staff for university-related projects, programs, or functions.

Objects we 3D print

Objects we typically 3D print include:

  • anatomical models
  • historical artifacts
  • chemical structures

We are not able to print any 3D object files you have designed yourself.

Other 3D printing services on campus

About our printer

All objects are printed using our Stratasys uPrint SE+ 3D printers. See the Stratasys website for more information.

Objects are printed in ABS Plus thermoplastic.

Material specifications

  • Fully opaque and available in 6 colors
  • Heat Deflection Temp – IZOD Impact, notched – 106 J/m
  • Impact Toughness – IZOD Impact, notched – 106 J/m
  • Tensile Strength, Yield – 31MPa

Terms and conditions

  • We have the right to deny any request for 3D printed objects
  • All 3D designs produced via SHAPES or through this service are the intellectual property of the University of Houston Libraries or our partner institutions